Our curriculum is very unique and re-designed to adapt to the changing and diverse needs of our students and to prepare them to compete both academically and practically after high school. With more than 10 years of Academic Experience, Students at Sunshine Public School are prepared and trained to develop understand and skills in core subjects as well as gain exposure to the arts.

  • Results are important, and our results have been some of best, both locally and state, for many years.
  • The value we add to students’ learning (the progress the students make from when they join us to when they leave) regularly places us in the top of schools nationally.
  • We are driven to get our students, where appropriate, into university.
  • We have great facilities, great staff and great ambitions.
  • Personal coaching in core subjects for students needing extra support.
  • Revision programmes in holidays and after school.
  • A variety of events for parents, including how to help your children achieve